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Choose One Plan And Watch Everything
We offer dedicated online soccer/football classes, which includes video modules, textual content and diagrams, ebooks, and various types of meditations to enhance the mindset and performance of an athletes outlook on achievements to success.

You can watch online as much as you want, whenever you want, without a single advert all for one low monthly price. There is always something new to discover and new classes are added every month!

What is BCE Group Membership?
1 Month : £30
3 Months : £55
6 Months : £75
1 Year : £105
Become a Professional Soccer Coach
We help your team climb not just on one level.
In our videos, we break things down on an emotional, physical ( technical and tactical matters), and energetic level from class to class to help you as a coach lead and help your team succeed.
BCE Group is committed to helping soccer coaches manage their teams using proper soccer/football tactics and develop communication skills with their team, resulting in strong bonds. We provide the mental foundation for soccer coaches to benefit their team and help their team's players experience the same.
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